Jersey Day!

Last week was Red Ribbon week. Students got to celebrate the week by doing different, fun things. On day we wore mismatched shoes to “stomp out drugs”. Another day was wore red shirts. The first day we got ribbons to wear! On Friday, we got to wear our favorite team jersey. We were “teaming up against drugs”. The students had a great time! Here a picture. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Project

How does a pumpkin grow? This is the question we’ve been exploring in our room! After reading many pumpkin books and watch video clips on pumpkins and their growth, we got to put pictures in order to show our knowledge! The students color in the pictures, making yellow blossoms, green young pumpkins, and orange full grown pumpkins, and then put them in the right order to show how they grow. They had so much fun and are enjoying this science topic! Enjoy the pictures!


Subtraction Pumpkins

In first grade this week, we’ve been focusing on subtraction. We are practicing finding how many in all (the biggest number) and taking away part of it to find the answer (the difference). Since it is October, we practiced some subtraction facts with pumpkins! Each student created a pumpkin face on their plate. Next, they each get a subtraction sentence. They put one number is one eye, the minus sign, the other number in the next eye, the equal sign in the nose, and the difference in the mouth. After that, we traced all the numbers with a crayon and painted the plates. The numbers don’t get paint on them since they were traced with crayon! It was a fun way to celebrate October and practice our subtraction facts. Here are some pictures!

Working with our Writing Partners

We’ve been using a writing program in class called “Be a Writer”. In this program, we start by reading a story. Then, we base our writing on the book. This week we read a very fun book called “When I was Five”. The students loved the pictures! We talked about the things the boy did when he was five and then what he liked to do when he was six. Many things changed, but one thing stayed the same- his friend! So this week, we wrote “My friend and I like to…” sentences. We thought of ideas together and then the students got to write their own stories. After, they worked with their writing partner to share their stories. We’ve been practicing how to read a story and also how to be a good listener. Here are some pictures!  


Field Trip Fun!

Wow! What a fun day! We didn’t let the chilly weather stop us from learning and having fun on our field trip about animal homes. The students got to see some animals, explore the woods for animal homes and tracks, and learn about why animals live in homes. Ask your child about what they saw and what was their favorite part of the day. Here are some pictures!




Practicing How to Add Zero




We have been learning about adding in our classroom. And one day, we practiced adding zero to a number. We learned that when you add zero to a number, the number stays the same! To practice this, we got to work with a partner. Each pair of students got a dice. One partner rolled the dice and saw the number. They used that number to ask their partner an addition sentence using the number zero. For example, if they rolled a 3, they had to ask their partner, “What is 0+3?”. Their partner had to answer the question. Then it was their turn to roll and ask. The students had a lot of fun rolling and asking addition questions to each other. It also helped them practice adding 0 to a number. Here are some pictures!