Turkey Shoot and More!

Shooting baskets.

Today was the Turkey Shoot! Students got the chance to shoot baskets for 30 seconds and the first grade girl and boy who made the most, won a FREE TURKEY! It was so much fun. The students cheered on each other as they had turns. They all did such a great job. No one from our room was the winner, but we had fun and that’s what counts! Today has been so busy with turkey filled actitivies. In math, we rolled a dice to see what number we got. Each number was part of a turkey. When you rolled a number, you drew that part of the turkey. The students had a great time rolling their turkey together.


We also talked about the Pilgrims and what they took with them on the Mayflower. Then, we talked about what WE would bring with us on the Mayflower. Students packed their “suitcase” by creating a list of what they would pack and used construction paper to make it into a suitcase. This link shows you the activity we did: Pilgrim Suitcase.


Have a wonderful break and eat lots of yummy turkey! Remember, homework will be due MONDAY! See you on Monday 🙂 

Rolling a turkey

Gobble Gobble!

A Closer Look at Some Turkeys!

It’s almost Thanksgiving! We are in the spirit here and talking a lot about what we are thankful for and why our families are special and important. As a fun, family project, students took home a turkey outline. They used things they had at home (paint, cereal, noodles, paper, feathers, leaves, etc) and decorated them with their families. They turned out so cute! They are up in the hall and students and teachers love stopping and looking at all of the amazing ways the students decorated them. Thanks for participating! Here are the turkeys!

Our Family Turkeys!

Awards and Recognition!

Students who earned the leadership awards!

The students worked so hard first quarter! First grade is a time of immense growth and learning and I know I can see tremendous change in all of the children! To celebrate the students achievement from hard work, the first grade assembled today with our Principal and Vice Principal to recognize the dedication and drive of our first graders. Several things were awarded, such as perfect attendance. That means, the students who were here EVERYDAY in the first quarter. These students got a perfect attendance ribbon and a coupon for a free kids meal at Chipotle! Yum! Next, the students who turned in ALL of their graphic organizers for the reading homework (September and October) received a fun pencil that changes colors when you hold it. (They LOVE these!) The students who reached the fall reading goal (reading 20 or more words per minute) got a certificate. And lastly, 6 students were picked who show excellent LEADERSHIP qualities in our classroom. Those students got medals and will also attend a special lunch on Friday where they get to eat with the Principal! Wow! I am so proud of all of the students. Everyone has worked hard and tried hard. REMEMBER, we will do these awards again for second semester. So, if you work hard, reach the goals, and turn in all of the graphic organizers for November and December, you will get the rewards! Keep up all the hard work first graders! Here are the lovely hard workers:

Students who did all of their reading graphic organizers for 1st quarter!

Students who met the fall reading goal!

The perfect attendance ribbon awards!

Adding Numbers (in 2 ways)

Happy Thursday! It was so nice seeing so many parents for conferences last night. I love being able to touch base about how your child is doing and showing you all of the growth they’ve made so far this year. Keep working hard at home and we’ll keep working hard at school!


This week in math we’ve been focusing on adding 2 numbers in 2 different ways. For example, we’re learning that 1+2 and 2+1 both equal the same thing. To help us learn this, we’ve been using colored cubes to make addition sentences. If we put 2 red cubes and 5 blue cubes together, it helps us write the sentence 2+5=7. Then, we flip over those cubes and write it the flipped way: 5+2=7. The answers always stay the same because it’s the same amount of cubes, we just write it the opposite way. We also have been working on this using worksheets and working with groups. The students help each other find the answers. This builds confidence and helps them learn how to explain their reasoning.


Check out this website:  Communicative Property Puzzle for Kids


It’s a great game for students to play to practice this concept (called the communicative property)

Here are some pictures of students working in groups on these math problems!


Apples vs. Pumpkins

We’ve finished our units on both apples and pumpkins. During each unit, students explored how each one grows, what they need to grow, and read many, many books about apples and pumpkins! They know many things that are the same about apples and pumpkins and many things that are different about apples and pumpkins. To wrap up the units, we did a Venn Diagram about the two. Students cut out pictures of an apple and a pumpkin and connected them with a strip of blue paper. Next, we read sentence strips. If the sentence was true about the apple, we put it on the picture of the apple. If the sentence was true about the pumpkin, we put it on the picture of the pumpkin. If the sentence was true about both apples AND pumpkins, we put the sentence in the middle on the blue paper. Students first sorted the sentences by themselves, then worked with partners to check their answers, and then as a whole class to make sure we all were correct. It was a great way to see everything we’ve learned!