Adventure to Fitness!

Are you staying warm with all of this snow? We have been trying to stay warm AND active in our classroom lately (especially with all the indoor recesses due to the cold weather). Indoor recess can be hard (on the students and the teachers 😉 ) and I’ve been trying to find things for us to do that get us moving! Instead of sitting around inside, I found this website on Pinterest:

Adventure to Fitness!


Adventure to Fitness! ( It. Is. Amazing! Not only does it teach the kids something fun, but it gets them moving. And by moving, I mean moving the WHOLE time! The kids are so engaged during the entire video. Basically the videos are 30 minute adventures and the students follow Mr. Marc throughout the “game”.

Mr. Marc leads the adventure

They might need to run in place, “climb” a mountain, “swim” across a river, “slide” down a pyramid, or “surf” on some alligators. They act out all of these things while Mr. Marc teaches them about where they are and other fun vocabulary related to the area they are in.

Running in place!

So, if they are trying to find a hidden medallion in the pyramids, they not only learn about mummies, pyramids, deserts, and camels, but they get to run, jump, hop, and more the whole time! And let me tell you, they are getting a GREAT workout! (But at the same time, learning and having fun!)

Crawling and learning!


Here’s the basic breakdown of how to get it to work at home or in a classroom:

-Click on the register tab along the top
-Fill out the registration (it’s all free)
-They will send you an email to confirm, go to your email (mine got sent to spam), and click on the link to confirm it
-It will take you back to the website to create a password
-Once you’ve logged in, click on the TEACHERS tab along the top.
-Click on the blue “episode library” box along left side.
-You’ll see all of the videos you can watch.
Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever found for indoor recess. The kids have been begging me to do it again and again! If you have a projector, you can plug it in and project for everyone to see. I don’t have those capabilities, so I simply turn around my computer monitor and have my kids gather around it.

Having fun and exercising!


Here are some of my students having a blast doing one of the videos! Try it at home with your kids or at school with your students. Tell me how it works! Do you enjoy it? Do your kids enjoy it?

Beard VS. No Beard

Beard or no beard? That was the question in our room this week!

We are learning about Abraham Lincoln in our class this month. The students have been busy reading stories about him, creating pictures of him, and watching interactive slide shows of his life.

We are also learning about facts and opinions. (This is a BIG skill in the Common Core state standards for first graders!) So, what a better way to learn about fact and opinion than through Lincoln! First, we read sentences about Lincoln and decided if they were facts or opinions. Then, we created our own sentences about Lincoln, some that were opinions and some that were facts.

Next, we thought about the question: Does Abe Lincoln look better with a beard or no beard?

What’s your opinion?

We discussed that this would be an OPINION essay.

We used this product: Opinion Essay: Beard or no Beard?

To begin, we used a graphic organizer to help us pick our opinion: beard or no beard. After that, we thought about 3 reasons to support our opinion. The students shared their ideas with each other and had a great time “debating” these opinions. The last step in writing was turning those ideas into sentences and writing the final essay.

We made the writings into these very cute projects! We took tan colored paper and cut out circles for the faces. Next, we used black construction paper to made his tall stovepipe hat. We glued our writing paper into the black hat. We used markers to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

No beard!

The students whose opinion was that he looked better with no beard were all done. The students whose opinion was that he looked better with a beard ripped small pieces of construction paper and glued it on to make his beard.


They turned out so adorable and were a great way to practice facts and opinions. The students have learned so much about this president and can show their knowledge through fun projects such as these!


Listening to Reading

We got a donation to our classroom (through an awesome website to donate to teachers) of MP3 players! We put them to use right away during our Daily 5 Listen to Reading time. During Daily 5 time, the students are practicing reading, writing, spelling, and words. One of the 5 parts of this is called “Listen to Reading”, where students listen to books on CD. It’s a great opportunity for students to hear fluent readers and helps them practice sight words. Most important- the students love it! Once I explained how to use them- they were off! They picked the story they wanted and got to listening.

Listening to Reading

It’s also a great way to incorporate technology into our classroom. These MP3 players are great because we don’t need to change batteries (like a portable CD player) and they can be taken anywhere around the room. The students can listen to their stories at desks, stretched out on the floor, or using a fun seat like a stool or bean bag.

Listening to Reading

These simple to use players are a great addition to our classroom!

Thanks for reading our classroom update. Remember to keep working hard at home- read, read, read! It’s so important to keep doing our Book Treasures, homework packets, and monthly reading logs. I can tell all the hard work you’re doing at home (it shows!)

Have a great day 🙂